Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 23, 2024

Union's Day of Action Against Starbucks

I've always thought Howard Schultz was among the dumbest people in American business. With the liberal, left-wing directions he's taken Starbucks, it's amazing he's built such a vast company and survived. But what do you get when you build a company based on your liberal "woke" policies and staff it with people who agree with your politics?

You get a Union Shop; that's what you get.

Starbucks unions stage a national day of action against chain


Anonymous said...

He got what he deserved. The Starbucks around here are destination offices for drug pushers and needle distributors. Not to mention the several homeless who use the bathrooms to take a bath

Anonymous said...

While I have no sympathy for what Starbucks has done to create its own problems, I am very upset at what they have done to franchised restaurants.

Most people, including these employees, are too uninformed to distinguish between a global corporate conglomerate like Starbucks and a. locally owned franchised business like a McDonalds or a Papa John's.

You hear the SEIU grifters bleating about "Billions of dollars in profits" that should be shared with their members (so they can be extorted more easily for dues payments BTW). They either are unaware or purposefully do not mention that those profits are the profits of the franchise owner.

The "billions in profits" are taken FROM the franchise owners very week by a bank sweep and the franchisee has to make payroll and all of the other expenses with what is left over. Employees that try to hurt the restaurant that they work in just make it worse for themselves as well as the franchise onner. The more that they hurt the restaurant, the less money there is to go around. The franchisor conglomerate still rakes the cash off of the top, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

*NOT the profits of the franchise owner