Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 15, 2024

Speaking of Best Lines...

 From this week's NOA message:

"Driving sales without improving cash flow is not a path franchisees can afford to travel."

Will that fit on a T-shirt in the NOA merchandise store?


Anonymous said...

anyone who is not a NOA member is a FOOL. They are the ONLY ones advocating for owners. Not the NFLA, and certainly not MCD. There is STRENGTH IN UNITY.

Anonymous said...

And yet OPNAD and the NFLA keep supporting , like mindless drones, excessive discounting forced on them by Corp, to “drive TCs”. I remember years ago at OPNAD that Joe Casper, who was chair at the time, stood up snd proclaimed loudly and boldly that “ I would rather have 500,000 PROFITABLE TCs than 600,000 UNPROFITABLE TCs”. Where are leaders like that today???