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February 17, 2024

McDonald's and McKinsey - Anonymous Opinion

Have you seen the video of Missouri Senator Hawley's grilling of the CEO of McKinsey in the US Senate? ( is strong proof of unethical, disqualifying representation for everyone to use to oppose retaining McKinsey, the "fox in the hen house", as McKinsey has been so exposed it provides the "smoking gun" evidence directly, (along w/ the book "When McKinsey Comes to Town"), and shows how corrupt McKinsey really is.

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Anonymous said...

McDonalds is being destroyed from within by predatory MBA types in bed with McKinsey , who only care about short term company profits to pad the stock price so that they can bail out with multiple millions. The vast majority dont have any appreciable operations experience. And the owners just stand by and take it even though they own 95% of the stores. There is incredible strength in numbers , but too many owners are towing the destructive company line. McDonalds is being destroyed.