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February 28, 2024

Wendy's CEO: "Did I say That? ... I Didn't Say That!"

Corporate CEOs often get in trouble trying to impress analysts and investors on quarterly conference calls. In this case, Wendy's new CEO implied the company might use dynamic pricing in the future. In the case of McDonald's, the CEO has recently implied that he, and he alone, would do something about "value" and menu pricing in the restaurants.

"We didn’t use that phrase, nor do we plan to implement that practice,”

The Today Show interviews Jonathan Maze -

NRN reports on political backlash


Anonymous said...

You are right about CEOs trying to take pas in the spotlight.

He instead should have made some vague comment about how AI is going to fuel returns for Wendy's like all of the other CEOs.

It is all BS about AI, of course, but the analysts lap it up with a spoon.

Anonymous said...

It’s not like our CEO is immune from stepping on his own ding dong. Note the Chicago Mayor text fiasco, lead to CK projecting his blunder on everyone else, forcing us to certify that we don’t do what he did via “People Brand Standards.” Also lead to the firing of the one guy who tried to help him understand.

I asked a prominent attorney familiar with the joint employer fight whether there is a legitimate case for this new ridiculous compliance mechanism. I asked how is it even possible that McD’s legal dept would sign off on this stupidity.

His answer was that the culture at MHQ is toxic, employees live in fear of the wrath of CK. That’s the only logical explanation I’ve heard to date.

If there is any doubt, CK has a long memory.. Just ask Michael Peaster who tried to help the little angry man.

I don’t know how to link an article, one of the better ones is at the “Restaurant Business” website. Describes Peaster making comments at a town hall meeting intended to help,according to another article, his comments were met with applause but CK’s world is of his own making and you’d better not embarrass the little man, regardless of intent. Took him a year to set up and ultimately fire Peaster.

There are windows into that man’s world and all point to one thing: a small man with low self esteem that manifests in a seething rage for any threat, real or perceived. He is not a man who should be running anything, the guy has all of the hallmarks of a psychopath: narcissism, superficial charm, antisocial behavior, lack of guilt/empathy, callous, unemotional.

Just watch any interview or better yet, have a conversation with him. He won’t make eye contact unless he works at it, he is not interested in others unless he forces himself to pretend, he is awkward and possesses every single one of the traits commonly associated with a psychopath and in his world, he never ever makes a mistake. He needs to go away, whatever dropped him off needs to take him to his next victim, we’ve had enough.

Richard Adams said...

The preceding comment was submitted anonymously. I didn’t write or edit it. The writer knows the McDonald’s system from the inside very well. He/she also knows the current crop of executives pretty well. I do not know any of the upper management in today’s McDonald’s, only from 30,000 feet and from reading some of their propaganda.

But this is an excellent opportunity for others who also know McDonald’s management to chime in and express themselves without fear of reprisal.

Our record for keeping things anonymous is flawless and bulletproof.