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May 4, 2011

Taco Bell Franchisees & Value Messaging

On April 21 Taco Bell Franchise Management Advisory Council (Franmac) President Tom Cook sent a letter to franchisees airing a list of 14 grievances Franmac has with Taco Bell, encouraging franchisees to participate in a Taco Bell Town Hall call. It included the desire to launch an agency review, a complaint about the handling of the infamous Taco Bell beef lawsuit and a point expressing discontent over the fast feeder's "value messaging."

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Anonymous said...

The value menu--which Taco Bell pioneered in the industry--paved the road to hell for everyone. Cheap food at cheap prices which reduces profitability and doesn't really create loyalty...just the rep of being a cheap gut-filler. I hope the Taco Bell Franchisees lead and doesn't fold.