Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 18, 2011

WSJ Readers Vote 77% to 23% to Keep Ronald

Health-Care Professionals Call on McDonald's to Fire Ronald McDonald - Health Blog - WSJ



Anonymous said...

No way should Ronald be forced out. If he is, the following need to go too: the 7up Cool Dot, Arbys oven mitt,Aunt Jemima,Uncle Ben,Budweiser Frogs,The Burger King,Betty Crocker,,Capn Crunch,Carls Jr Star,Chef Boyardee,Chester cheetah-cheetos,Keebler Elves,Kool Aid Man,Lucky Charms Leprechaun,Mrs Butterworth,Pillsbury Doughboy,Wendys Wendy, the Coca Cola Polar Bears, just to name a few

Richard Adams said...

What will they do about Wendy Thomas, should she be worried?