Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 22, 2008

Franchise Financing

McDonald's Operators in the USA should be watching for their
"partners" copy of a September 18 memo from McDonald's
Treasury Department concerning franchise financing..

Please do not let this memo get lost in your Monday morning
Inbox clutter.We suggest you share the information in the
memo with your appropriate advisers and consider how the
situation impacts CBB/McCafe in your stores.



Anonymous said...

it would not surprise me if CBB were slowed or put on hold indefinitely

Anonymous said...

our future will show CASH IS KING

Anonymous said...

Any chance we could get a copy of this memo?

Richard Adams said...

"Any chance we could get a copy of this memo?"

When you start sending me 4% of your sales I will start doing Oak Brook's job for them.

The treasury department should be more than willing to give Owner/Operators a copy of said memo.

Ask for Jill Blackburn.