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October 27, 2008

WSJ on McCafe

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

"McDonald's Coffee Strategy Is Tough Sell" and
mentions franchisee concerns.

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and we will find a free site that reruns the
article. Meanwhile check out this financial
weblog about changes to McCafe.

McDonald's coffee drinks not getting customers buzzed?



Anonymous said...

The economic conditions make this a very difficult time to be borrowing money to get NO return. Banks have tightened up their loans and McDonald's Corp
has taken ALL the money leaving operators to find money on their own or self finance.

Anonymous said...

We are on TV with McCafe
but not all stores in our
market havethe product so
none of us expect it to
build sales.

Anonymous said...

Too much money being put into this product for what results stores are getting. This is taking away from core menu support.