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March 24, 2024

McDonald's Owner Comments on California Minimum Wage

"You can't raise prices enough to cover minimum wage hike" - KTLA


Anonymous said...

How things have changed. Especially after owners realize that McD sold them out to the SEIU collaborating to pass a law raising the wage to $20 but protecting the company from Joint Employer status.

Anonymous said...

Kerri Harper-Howie is absolutely correct and we owe her thanks for speaking out. Fortunately, as a woman of color corporate cannot stomp on her, at least publicly, for telling people the truth of the matter.

Her story is one that franchisees should be telling the world--how her family's franchise and their hard work at it elevated them into the American Dream. This dream is being attacked with false narratives by SEIU and their know nothing puppets in the CA government and media.

This David Lazarus KTLU reporter is a key example of a know-nothing SEIU puppet. Hi explanation of how a fast food business model works exposes him in ways that he doesn't even understand. He claims that you can make up for losses with volume! As if spending more money on more expensive labor to sell more profitless burgers will work.

Mr. Laarus' head is completely devoid of the notion that the business owner has taken on enormous risk and work to even open the front door. He just assumes that those are puffs of smoke and the business owner could drown under demands of the bank, the landlord, the regulators, the fraudulent ;bar violation and slip and fall claims, and the theft and vandalism that isn't prosecuted in CA.

It never occurs to some in the puppet-head media that the franchise owner is better off closing and moving on, leaving those 1000 workers of this franchise owner her sister jobless the cities and state without the taxes that they pay. Why should these ladies continue to take these risks every day? Who pays them? Who protects them?

Richard Adams said...

Absolutely correct, but don’t let it bother you.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who spend their lives as employees and those who become self-employed.

It's impossible for a self-employed person and a person who draws a paycheck to understand each other. Millions of “business experts” are running around who’ve never signed the front of anyone’s paycheck, and many are journalists.

One of my career highlights is observing a few thousand individuals' metamorphosis as they give up their steady income to become self-employed. They often become a different person. I know I did.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a “reporter” or someone in journalism who’s ever been self-employed. They might have taken extensive business courses and speak the language, but they’ve never had to deal with the issues you mention.

But we need journalists, however naive, and as a franchise owner, you need an ongoing relationship with a reporter or two.

So please put aside your frustration, and don’t expect you’ll find a journalist who completely understands what it’s like to be self-employed.


Richard Adams said...

I just realized that by describing reporters, I also described McKinsey and Boston consultants. All theory, no experience.

Anonymous said...

Forget about McKinsey. you jusr described everyone who works for McDonalds corp!

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Richard.

We pres on and share our story with facts.