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March 8, 2024

Keeping the System Out of Date

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a copy of McDonald’s corporate “Global Daily Briefing. “ The most recent version (3/4/24) differs from previous releases, but I can’t tell when changes occurred.

Previously, the vendor that put the briefing together threw in the kitchen sink with almost any headline, including topics that weren’t all that positive for McDonald’s or didn’t fit into the then corporate agenda.

The recent publication is more condensed and is apparently limited to topics that MCDHQ would like employees and Owners to absorb, buying into a bit of brainwashing.

For instance, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) are discussed as though it was 2022, and the concepts had not been discredited over and over again. Companies are now embarrassed to admit ESG has been a priority, and DEI is being recognized as a new form of corporate-sponsored racism. 

Current polls on any political topic tell us that Americans have moved past issues such as ESG and DEI.

But MCDHQ marches on - as woke as ever and as antiquated as an EV charging station.

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Anonymous said...

They are quite exposed, vulnerable to anyone with a brain and intelligence and the best part? They’re arrogant in their insanity.

This guy has a blind spot, it’s self-awareness. He’s got plenty of intelligence, his focus is on maintaining power and his intention is to control anyone and everyone in his world. Unfortunately for us that means not only does he run MHQ with an iron fist, he directs his vitriol at whatever he’s afraid of and that’s Owner Operators and the NOA. The culture of fear, the clear toxic environment he has created at MHQ and beyond is his Achilles heel.

Reminds me of Xi Jinping, the Premier of China. That guy has done away with anyone who threatens his power/authority in any way, this means that he’s surrounded by sycophants, robots who do what he wants and will not question his judgement.

According to Peter Zeihan, China is in a death spiral and this is due to two factors. One, RAPID population decline, the math just doesn’t work going forward and two, Xi has no clue what the truth is. Hell, good old Joe, the occupant of what was once the White House, now dubbed Senior Living Center, during a brief moment of unexpected lucidity, was the one who told Xi that the US had shot down a balloon that traversed the United States. None of his aids, none of his cabinet would tell him for fear of his wrath.

It’s the same with Howdy Doodie. Who’s going to tell him that ESG and the rest is avoidably suicidal?

I can think of three clear public examples off of the top of my head of his arrogance and lack of information lead to poor decisions but those are going to be saved for another day, for another purpose. An easy one is the “McTeam” debacle. He may have been dragged, kicking and screaming to admit he was wrong but he only changed his words, not his actions.

Cross him and he destroys you. Embarrass him and he fires you, inflicts as much damage as possible. Why? Look up the definition of narcissist, that’s best case. I think we are closer to sociopath and probably dealing with a psychopath. Look them up and it’s hard to argue against any one of those psychiatric conditions.

Ok, one or two examples. He’s got the BOD brainwashed, he has their full attention behind closed doors and they have no clue what damage he has and continues to inflict. Look at when Dorothy and Michael visited…30 or 45 min turned into what? A hour and a half? What in the world was so new, so interesting that they might have learned (or had to unlearn). Does anyone think that CK will allow another visit? Hell no, that would invite truth into the mix, would screw up the picture he’s painted of “operators” that are “Nothing more than glorified Uber drivers, easily replaced.”

That guy doesn’t back down and he won’t unless forced or he’s made to believe it’s his idea.

Hell…listen to the podcast, “How Leaders Lead” featuring CK. He adopted Larry Light’s line from a NOA meeting a year and a half earlier as his own. “Love the customers you have.” The ONLY person who said that before was Larry, he did a whole presentation on it but CK, who doesn’t acknowledge the NOA, somehow heard this presentation and simply adopted it as his own idea.

The guy is a joke. A powerful, angry, vengeful joke but a joke nonetheless. We can do so much better.