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March 20, 2024

Anonymous is Anonymous

A friend sent a note asking me to check to see if their comment came through as “anonymous” with no identifying info. This reminds me that I should make my annual remarks about how this website works.

To comment in any way other than “anonymous,” one must sign in with a user ID and E-mail address. Then, after writing their comment, they confirm all of the information. That requires a lot of conscious effort versus just clicking on anonymous. Few people have ever done that.

Most importantly, as the administrator of this website, I approve everything that gets posted or commented on. If a person were to do anything but post anonymously, I wouldn’t approve it, and the information would disappear into the ether. So, it’s impossible for someone to accidentally display their identity.

There’s another security aspect here - the website and your E-mail have nothing to do with each other. My E-mail server is a completely different service than the website - two different vendors. There’s no connection. That’s why we don’t have one of those “contact us” forms on the website. My E-mail address is displayed, but it’s not a click-thru.

Just because you are in my E-mail address book doesn’t mean a thing. The website doesn't know you exist.

You are accessing the website through the weblink, not your E-mail account.

So please relax and make some anonymous comments.

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Anonymous said...

Our Franchisor is vindictive and will punish anyone who openly questions or disagrees with them.