Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 1, 2020

Three Big Questions on McDonald’s War with Easterbrook

"What’s more, it has raised questions from franchisees, who’ve seen significant changes 
under Easterbrook and now question them given the company’s current allegations. “Operators are pissed,” one franchisee said."

By Jonathan Maze - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

Clearly, BBV2020 and EOTF are illegitimate and should be paid for 100% by the company.

Are you listening NFLA and NOA?

Anonymous said...

Would be nice, but olerators still cant get OPNAD off discounting drinks, even while operating cost continue to soar astronomically.

I'd like to get a single MARKETING strategy, that isnt somely built around DISCOUNTING.

$1ASD profitability during COVID? Hello, we shutdown the LOBBYS... no free refills, etc.

Anonymous said...

Not as pissed as these operators: More than 50 Former Black Franchisees Sue McDonald's for Economic Injustice Due to Decades of Racial Discrimination. There are a lot of white operators that would like to join this lawsuit! Here's the suit:

Anonymous said...

Black McDonald's O/O's have a good case, much of their claims are true and factual. The issue is this case will go on for 10-15 years McD's will appeal if they lose. By the time this trial is over most of these previous owners will be much older in age and some might longer be with us. The settlement agreements along the way would be interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

How does an NOA survey showing 67% against $1 ASD end up with overwhelming OPNAD support of the promotion? OPNAD reps aren't representing their fellow operators.

Anonymous said...

Stop assuming that McDonald's is a Democracy.

Anonymous said...

The problem with OPNAD is that they never publish each reps vote, therefore we can not hold our OPNAD LEMMINGS accountable. Its WHO (MCD) counts the votes that controls the outcome. I served on OPNAD for four years, and from the very first day MCD advertising suits tried to tell me how to vote. I resisted. Come reelection time our Regional manager actively lobbied against me, and I was replaced. MCD is a DICTATORSHIP.

DEMAND OPNAD TRANSPARENCY! Are you listening Vickie?

Richard Adams said...

The only way you are going to get transparency out of OPNAD is to stop sending them your money.

Anonymous said...

Dick while i agree that’s a quick way to have a bad business review! I feel like anyone who is respected by corp and preferred by the field offices for expansion fits a mold of agreeing with the current leadership thinking that Easterbrook/Chris k. Is the best thing to happen to the brand since sliced bread. They also think the way out of our current GC debacle is more discounting. None of those are true but its their ball and their bat!

Anonymous said...

If you do stop paying OPNAD, be sure you spend at least 4% of sales on advertising or you are in breach of your franchise agreement; make sure you don't sign the pledge card and then stop paying OPNAD or you will also be in breach of contract; prepare to be removed from any meeting that discusses OPNAD issues; and finally have a retirement plan in order as your stores will not be eligible for rewrite. Sorry to say, but this is real world "transparency"!

Anonymous said...

This has become a circular firing squad.
Nearly all of our issues are self-inflicted.

Can we at least get all NOA members to discontinue dollar drinks?
They can't retaliate against ALL of us. Other systems have taken this. Kind of action through their franchisee associations and won. The playbook is always the same. Management panicky because they are revealed to be powerless against unified franchise owners in large numbers so they make offers of things that the franchisees have wanted for years to settle the issue and return to the illusion of control. Every single time. Ask a Dunkin or BK or Jack in the Box franchise owner.

Anonymous said...

To above

OPNAD and the NFLA are corporate puppets and too meek to challenge $1ASD. And sadly, even though the majority of NOA members oppose $1ASD, the NOA will not move to end it.

Corp - 10
Operators - 0

Its a shut out