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August 31, 2020

This is Getting Very Messy

McDonald's Blasts Former CEO in New Filing - Restaurant Business

Former HR Chief a Focus of McDonald's Investigation - Dow Jones


Anonymous said...

I would Love to see Jim Skinner, become Chairman of the Board to help set this right.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that major shareholder groups have not stepped in to protect the value of the company. Across the board McDonalds is experiencing unrest never seen before, blatant sexual harassments at the highest levels of management, franchisee abuse, law suites against former top management, law suits from minority franchisees, inept actions by the board of directors, terrible public relations, poor management decisions in mid-management and in the regions, a management attitude of "us against them" with us being the company and them being just about anyone they do business with especially their franchisee's, suppliers, ad agency's. When these types of problems become so apparent and widespread within an organization the cause is most always top management including the board of directors. These issues can nearly always be detected very early by experienced managers and resolved. The fact that these very serious and unnecessary problems are being spread across the pages of every respected business publication emphasis's the Board of Directors and Top managements total ineptness and no sense of urgency for or concern for the shareholders, employee's and other groups invested into the system. Allowed to continue it will destroy value, reputation, respect and the many years of hard work to establish our values, our relationships with our customers and the at large business community. The silence is defying.

Anonymous said...

Its time to drain the swamp.

Anonymous said...

FIRE Chris K and the ENTIRE BOARD.