Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 13, 2020

A Historical First

If McDonald's Corp. has a culture problem it came to pass during the Easterbrook / Chris K / Hernandez regime. And now they expect two of the culprits to clean up the mess?

It's Official. McDonald's Has a Culture Problem


Anonymous said...

For those of you who have not seen it, sending out email blasts to “enjoy your k cup coffe at home” and promoting to stay home for a discount. This k cup issue has been a disaster for a long time and nobody is addressing it. It’s no wonder our breakfast sales are horrible compared to the rest of the dayparts.

Anonymous said...

Company leadership seem desperate and confused to find away to connect with our customers. If they want to promote that inferior product and get any kind of positive response they should do it with free delivery. "Enjoy it at home and we will bring it to you". It will be a loss leader but a good PR program. When delivering the K cup take orders for lunch delivery for the next day.