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August 7, 2020

Burger King's Struggles

Owner of Burger King and Popeyes could close hundreds of restaurants - Restaurant Business

Burger Kings - Five for $1.00


Anonymous said...

I am not sure who is the person responsible, but I do know I have not been represented in at least 6 years. I’m not talking about local representatives. I am talking about the McDonald’s Operators that make up the Officers of OpNad.

I know we voted against $1 drinks and it still went through, I know a number of us complained loudly about $1 drinks and D123 at the Gallery walks and it went through.

I want Published Votes at the National Level. I want to know exactly who is voting for what. So we can either thank them or Recall them.

I also want strict term limits of No More than 6 years as part of OpNad for any reason and then you have sit out for at least 3 years. We have Professional Politicians holding these offices. How in the Hell can these people run their restaurants being on all of these Boards and Positions? I have been a CoOp President and RLC Chair, I found it tough to keep up. What about some who hold a McDonald’s National Office for 10 or 15 years.

Matter of Fact I do know who to Blame, it is us the Rank and File for not standing up to these Professional Political Hacks Operators.
We Need to take back OpNad.

Anonymous said...

Votes will never be transparent and they don't matter anyway. What Wall St says is all that matters to MCD management. If you want to know what Chris K and team's playbook for us is, read the Wall St stock analysts' notes.

They are:

1) DISCOUNT! DISCOUNT! DISCOUNT! (They may call it "value"). Chris K then imposes $1 drinks forever and we'll never get more than $2 for a latte (not that our customers would take one for free. They don't drink espresso. We aren't Starbucks no matter how badly Chris K and team want to be CEO if Starbucks instead of MCD).

2) DELIVERY!! It's even better when DELIVERY! is at a DISCOUNT!. Its irrelevant if it costs an Operator more to "sell" the meal than is paid for it, if the delivery company marks up the price and Operators pay fees and rent on the marked up price that the Operator never collects or if the DELIVERY! company fails to pay sales tax and the Operator gets audited and fined for ir. DELIVERY!

3) DIGITAL! Highly related to DISCOUNT! In fact they are first cousins, if not closer. Its soooooo much easier to DISCOUNT! by DIGITAL! Just push out DISCOUNTS! or more increasingly FREE! stuff through an app! The Operator may not even know until "customers" show up just for the FREE! stuff and $1 drinks.

4) MCAFE! IN GROCERY! MCD competes with the Operator (as well all of our competitors that sell lots of coffee for full price to customers willing to pay for it) all day and even day! MCD gets to charge full price for McCafe products that Operators are forced to sell for $1.

5) ALL DAY BREAKFAST! It's coming back. That train will NOT be late. ADB!!! is loved by the Wall St analysts and left wing media pals of Chris K, so he will do their bidding no matter how badly it messes up the Operator's restaurant operations or how much it costs the Operator or how much it slows down our critical lunch and dinner speed of service times. ALL DAY BREAKFAST! no matter the cost! We must have ADB!

Anonymous said...

Been pounding that same drum for nearly a decade!

Anonymous said...

Pizza Hut to close 500 units... you ask, with delivery how? Poor command leadership!