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August 20, 2020

McDonald's Advertising to be Laced With Obscenities?

McDonald's to collaborate with rapper Travis Scott: leaked memo - Business Insider

A few previous McDonald's Owner/Operator comments on this are HERE.



Anonymous said...

Truly, it is hard to believe the direction that MCD Top Management and the BOD are taking this company. They can't all be dolts. What is rally going on? Is OPNAD part of this? Is this simply throwing support to BLM?

Anonymous said...


If that cant be done, fire every Opnad rep (and Vickie Chancellor) and replace them with operators who have a SPINE!

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER blunder . Thanks Chris.

Anonymous said...

McD is doing exactly what the rest of our country is doing. It is PC to overlook looting, rioting, and destroying people and property, profanity and obscenities, and to call for defunding the police. And if you object you are labeled a racist. Antifa and BLM are destroying the fabric of our society by ignoring the lawbreakers. The coarsing of society will lead to its downfall.

If youre woke, youre a Dope


WHERE was OPNAD, NFLA, and NOA on the Travis Scott choice? (too timid to stand up for whats right. Shameful!)