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August 12, 2020

Is The McDonald's Board of Directors Inept?

Of course they're inept - look who they selected as CEO.

This Is the Inept Board That Runs McDonald’s – 24/7 Wall St.

McDonald's board faces new scrutiny of investigation into former CEO - WSJ


Anonymous said...

Who selects people to go on the Board of Directors? Anyone know? Reading their resume's it remains unclear why each of them were chosen. If they were nominated (by who) and then voted on the Board by the shareholders I wonder what specific experience they had to run and advise management of a huge global company. I thought that Easterbrook was doing a lot of good things regardless of his sexual indiscretions that have been commonplace oak Brook and in the regions for as long as I can remember. His hiring of Chris K. was more damaging to the system than his adventures into the dark chambers of pleasure. For the BOD to quickly promote Chris K. to CEO having had no experience in the industry demonstrates the boards own incompetence. Firing Easterbrook without cause while knowing the facts further demonstrates the boards stupidity. It is like they wanted to give him all that money. It seems that the BOD were elected for reasons that had nothing to do with their ability to move the company forward.

Richard Adams said...

As stated before, I try to stay away from Wall Street Journal links on this website but darn it, they are the best articles. I think this one is a workaround but if you are not a subscriber to their website it might not work.

We could all go broke subscribing to various websites but the Journal is between $20 and $30 a month depending on which digital deal you choose. Well worth the price.