Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 23, 2020

More on Goodyear

Topeka TV coverage that went viral - YouTube - 2:43

Fox's Tucker Carlson and guest discuss Goodyear

His guest blames corporate Human Resources departments for this kind of mess. 
I think it's a combination of corporate PR, adverting dept., and HR.


Richard Adams said...

Keep in mind that 100% of PR, ad agency, corporate ad people etc, are liberals whereas only 99% of HR executives are liberals.

ty1on said...


Anonymous said...

Keep your head down, mouth shut and eyes on the burgers and fries. It's very simple, so why do the corporate pukes need to make it worse?

Oh, right. They need to invent jobs for themselves to keep their cash rolling in even if it takes money from the restaurants.

Will they never learn? No matter how much they pander to BLM and the other progressive and neo-fascist leftists MCD will reman hated and targeted. There is no appeasing idealouges. Fight for 15 will become Fight for 25. SEIU will continue to file lawsuits and create destructive protests etc etc etc.