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August 19, 2020

Fun With Ronald

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This is a still shot of the filming of a McDonald's commercial in the late 1960s. Obviously Ronald is waiting on a technician fixing the flying hamburger. This is likely the only photo
in existence of Ronald McDonald (in costume) smoking a cigarette. 

Enlarge and check Ronald's right hand.


Anonymous said...

Here's the TVC

Anonymous said...

There was a time we were ferociously protective of our image. Not so much Now I guess, we just retained the services of Travis Scott. Look him up, It is true he has a large following and sold lots of So Called music. However, his music is filled with the F word, the S word, the P word for cat and the D word for men’s genitals. After looking at a video of his, what I saw was glorifying HOOD Rats.

This is not something I want to promote to my customers and their children. Just because someone is popular does not make them a Good Choice.

Where has the Wholesome image we worked hard to cultivate gone? This is the Celebrity McD. Vetted?

Hey McDonald’s, OpNad, Morgan Flatley and our Stupid Ad Agency, I do not need to be associated with Gutter Garbage to WIN customers.

Anonymous said...

The good old days. Before the PC chicago suits killed the second most recognizable icon in the world-Ronald McDonald!

Rather than retire Ronald, let retire Chris k and the idiots on the Board!


Anonymous said...

I’ve got plenty of pictures of our former local Ronald in costume smoking. Got to love the 80’s and early 90’s.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how we've tried to protect the brand year after year. Then we okay a deal with Travis Scott...... I'm absolutely shocked. McDonald's will need to be held accountable for this poor decision.

Richard Adams said...

I have a millennial-aged Son who of course grew up deluged by rap and the hip-hop culture and language. Since he used headphones or earbuds we couldn't actually hear chat he was listening to. Occasionally I'd sneak a look at his device and note the song titles and "artists" names. I'd then do a search for the lyrics, and print them out.

Then, in front of the rest of the family, I'd hand my son the printout and ask him to read the lyrics. He'd refuse to do so explaining the lyrics were too "gross" to be heard aloud in our home. Of course, I'd then do the normal parental rant about the damage he's doing by pumping that stuff into his brain, yada, yada.

When I saw Joe Biden's recent discussion with a popular female entertainer I'd never heard of I did a search and came up with some of her song lyrics. They are more disgusting than anything my son listened to in high school. Yet Biden has to be the cool grandpa and treat her with respect?

The people running Biden's campaign and the people running McDonald's must all share the same poor judgment about culture and morality.