Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 23, 2020

Great Choice for NOA Speaker

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I've worked with Jonathan for years and he's one of the best reporters covering the restaurant industry. He has superior knowledge about the financials of the business. Not only at 
the corporate level but he always seems to understand the 
restaurant profitability side. Don't miss his presentation!


Anonymous said...

Maze is really sharp and plugged in to the restaurant and franchise industry. Hi reporting on Burgerim was a good example. Note that he knew which very connected people to call to get their opinions and he had access to them and they were willing to talk to him?

Without excellent sources, reporters can't get a story, and Jonatshn know what to do twitch the info when he gets it.

Excellent speaker choice.

Richard Adams said...

Make sure Maze leaves Denver with a huge stack of McDonald's Owner/Operator business cards.