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September 23, 2020

Just My Personal Political Opinion

Small business owners should not participate in "Get Out The Vote" efforts.

Citizens who are not registered and don't vote are generally uninterested and uninformed. They will then depend on mainstream media to make their decisions. And all big government ideas sound good to them. Emotional ballot language works on them. Do we want such people to decide the future of our country?

Before you get involved in such efforts, ask yourself:

* Will my customers vote in the best interests of my business?

* Will my employees vote in the best interests of my business?

* Will uninformed citizens vote in the best interests of my business?

And, there is no such thing as a "non-partisan business coalition" or any political organization that is "non-partisan". They are all, at the core, liberal, pro-big government entities.

There are certainly non-partisan people who don't know anything about politics or care. Anyone who would build or work for a supposedly non-partisan organization is almost certain to be a big-government liberal and will stealthily steer the organization in that direction.

Having said all that, I would never attempt to stop or discourage another citizen from voting or would I be involved in any kind of disenfranchisement.

However, if I have a liberal, big government neighbor (and I do) I will not block his driveway so he can't go to the polls on November 3rd. But, if his car won't start I will decline to drive him to the polling place so he can cancel out my vote.

As illustrated on this website every day, the interests of small business owners is very different from the interests of large, multinational corporations. And these large companies are often run by card-carrying liberals who love big government despite the damage government does to the owners of small businesses.

Just asking you to think about it before you participate.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Would seem a logical approach in a company where your employees are simply your employees - and not part of the McFamily.

Small businesses tend to have Crew Rap session and Rallies, where policy is not only discussed - but communication over the WHY is introduced.

Discussions like the forced OBAMACARE purchases, or the pending reinstatement of the FINES that would cost employee families thousands of dollars annually. Along with other programs they benefit from today, verses their loss tomorrow, are essential educational teachings that now fall on the shoulders of small business. Why? Because our schools don't teach proper civics.

Just as small business now has to teach MATH, so kids know how to count change. Or introduce ICON POS software, for the kids that cant read - or simple food safety for kids that don't know basic Science. A lot of education falls on the shoulders of the Small Business owner.

Now you can shirk that responsibility - the only person hurt is the business. I been involved with my local politics since day 1 - I fund the party that supports my business, I rally the vote whenever, wherever I can. I turned a staunch BLUE county - RED. With close relationships in the government to better the Quality of Life for my people and my business. If I sat on my thumbs, this would not of happened.

Is there risk, yes. There's risk in all business ventures this day. We witness everyday the corporate actions that jeopardize our small business relationship, violation of the franchise agreement - or simple violations on interstate commerce law.

Political Action is everyone's business - not just donating to a PAC (that many times works against you). In today's market, sitting on the sideline seems a safe bet. In fact, its simply a FOLD.

Richard Adams said...

In the interest of brevity I neglected to encourage small business owners to be involved in local politics, Absolutely! It's crucial to your survival.

But that means more than just contributing to a national PAC run by corporate liberals.

Anonymous said...

I give directly to politicians I support. I do not give to McPAC - it donates to anti business pols.

Anonymous said...

Send a check to Kevin Hern. One of our own champions.

Anonymous said...

If BIDEN gets in - MCD & others are in big

FIGHT for $20.00

FIGHT for $25.00 two years after the $20.00

free health care - unions - payed time off
for whatever reason - like sick cat
to hot outside to work / to cold outside
to work

My staffing level is at the lowest level
in over 30 years - no end in sight -
OVERTIME 150 - 250 every two weeks
per restaurant - 20 hour OT employees
I don’t mind paying - crew are
making more than some of my MGRS

THE TUNNEL I AM IN - neighboring
operators similar staffing levels

If there is any good news - our sales are
up over 20% AUG & SEPT -

Not going to Denver because of cost
working in the stores with supervisors
& some of our office staff - that were
crew at one time - TAKING ONE FOR THE

Richard Adams said...

In your particular case - to what do you attribute the staffing problems?

Anonymous said...

all small towns on highways - 2,500 population
counting infant to 90 - so not a ton of choices

MALL less then 1/2 hour away from 3
of the stores - they are hiring at $15.00
we are at $12.00 - have a hard time with
the $12.00 - hard to go to $13.00

Positive - we are providing free food
and 60% discount for employees that
take food home

were able to get in high schools to
interview - all 5 towns want us to wait

we work our team best we can BUT when
we run short ITS A BIG ISSUE -

hard to replace call offs

A few small factories that employ 25-50
people - they pay the $15.00 or higher

That’s why I do not see the light

we offer incentives to bring friends in
we have our crew post hiring on face

HIRE 5 - 4 leave

HIRE 5 - 5 leave

HELL HIRE 5 - 6 leave

If you have time I need a grill opener on
SUNDAY - free food - $12.00 a hour
what size uniform do you wear - I started
back in the day when you tried saving
pennies by wearing the same white
hat as many days as you could
then when promoted to RED hat tried
saving even more


Enough ranting

see you SATURDAY at open 😀😀

Richard Adams said...

Thanks, I'd almost forgotten about the red hats.

Anonymous said...

We had serious staffing problems before the pandemic, too. The expansion of unemployment by adding many additional weeks before the unemployment ran out, then the federal government adding another $600/week thru July put the staffing problems on steroids.

Now that the extra $600/week ran out, the expanded time frame continues. Though the checks are smaller, people socked away that extra $600 (for many that as more than their salary) plus the $1200 stimulus checks. They don't need to work and they don't have to pay bills. No one can be evicted or foreclosed or sued for debts.

Some folks are legitimately afraid of the virus, and some get fed up with the stress of working in a short-staffed restaurant. I can't say that I blame them.

We paid bonuses with the PPP money to compete with the extra $600 per week but calling it competing with getting paid to be on summer vacation is a stretch.

In summary, why work in America right now?

Anonymous said...

If you want to donate to a PAC, there are industry PACs that a actually work to protect their own business interests, even those of our competitors. Check them out. Its all public info. IFA, CFA, AAHOA, Dunkin, BK,Yum, Brinker, Southeast QSR (a Yum franchisee), etc. Thats just a very few.