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September 16, 2020

100,000 Restaurant Closures Expected in 2020

I've tried to stay away from much of the negative news in the restaurant industry because 
it's depressing and kind of scary. But since much of the bad news doesn't apply to QSRs 
with drive-thrus here's a comprehensive article on the industry and the current political 
situation in Washington D.C.

I'd think this would be good news for QSRs as people have to eat someplace and I'm sure
they are sick of eating at home. One problem - when Operators get sales increases in the 
future they might not know why. Whats working and what's not? The corporate guys will 
take all the credit but maybe it's just a different industry?

100,000 Restaurant Closures Expected in 2020 - QSR magazine

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Anonymous said...

Well mcd hq really screwed up this promotion! They probably love all the press we are getting for messing this thing up. We wouldnt be having a problem if we were still on frozen QPs. However we are getting a lot of mentions on social media so I guess thats all that counts these days.