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September 20, 2020

McDonald's Now Funds Rap Pornography

How Travis Scott built his $40 million net worth and brand - Business Insider


Anonymous said...

Fake News...Travis Scott is going to do what he does regardless of his relationship with McDonald's. Never mind the fact that the VAST majority of his songs and lyrics were produced before he even entered into an ADVERTISING agreement with McDonald's.

Back to the Fake News... How exactly is McDonald's now funding his rap pornography? Time to move on. I for one like the energy and excitement (and sales) he has brought to our brand.

Better then McD leadership heading upstairs at MHQ to drink and hit on their subordinates!

Richard Adams said...

I've repeatedly stated that this isn't about Travis Scott himself, it's about the decision made by McDonald's Corporation to get involved in an industry that does not reflect traditional McDonald's values. It's like throwing 65 years of corporate culture into the trash.

As pointed out before, the rap/hip-hop genre dates back three, maybe four decades. Travis wasn't even born until the industry had fully matured. But, yeah, he was rich and famous before the McDonald's Corp. affiliation.

It's ironic that the McDonald's CEO is traveling the land lecturing people on McDonald's values. The McDonald's system didn't have a values problem until he and his band of McNewbies came along.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that is relevance in the customer base we keep asking for. I don’t like his music but my customers do. That’s all that matters. We can’t be the preacher dad like from the movie Footloose. The lyrics are the lyrics but half of what millennials listen to are that. So we have to adapt or die. If his commercials are going to be like his music videos that’s one thing. But all we did was say “here is what he likes to eat”. And everyone else wanted to try to. We have to grasp that concept vs complaining like our parents/grandparents did when they saw Elvis swirling his hips. It worked. Let’s just be happy.

Richard Adams said...

And in 2025 McDonald's Owner/Operators will be scratching their heads asking, "How did Chick-fil-A take so much of our market share? We were more modern! We were more progressive!"

Anonymous said...

Whats next? Condom Happy Meals?
Instructions on how to beat/abuse your wife or girlfriend?
BLM t-shirts?
ANTIFA favorites?

Ray is spinning in his grave.
Anytime you sell a $8-$9 meal for $6 they are going to come out of the woodwork! There was no need to partner with this cretin.

Anonymous said...

Chick-fil-a - American as apple pie and family friendly

MCD- BLM supporting, profanity promoting, panderers. But Modern & Progressive!


Anonymous said...

McDonald's does not stand for black lives matter, it stands for value and delicious product. Get this crap out of the company!

Anonymous said...

Anyone see this a few days ago on Yahoo?

Anonymous said...

Charlie's Travis. Which would you rather be associated with?

Ignore the wholesome vs. filthy comparison. Let's stick to money and profits as this is a business. Both campaigns are wildly successful, but MCD has to discount to get the Travis meal sold and Dunkin franchisees are collecting full beverage price and making bank. (MCD "owners" are still doing $1 drinks, but that's another story)

Which company has better marketers in charge, the one that sells millions of highly profitable beverages or the one that discounts high food cost meals to get to the same place?

Someone needs to anawer for this. The comparison is to easy.

Anonymous said...

What worked?

You took a $9.00 meal, discounted it by 33%, for a very limited time, spending additional millions on fees and advertising for the give away. With stock resources that were depleted before the event due to COVID impacts.

Yeah, that took genius...

Whats next to bump toplike sales, 2 for $3 Big Mac with a team up from the Jeffery Epstein estate?

In the mean time, states with $15 minimum wage, paying high rents on buildings that only have DT service to draw revenues are sinking faster than MCD corporate values.

B R A V O! Operators. B R A V O!

Anonymous said...

Above all else, this promotion shows the total ineptness of OPNAD and why it should be disbanded. OPNAD is merely a rubber stamp for their MCD corporate marketing masters.

#DemandTRANSPARENCY- report all OPNAD rep votes!

Anonymous said...

Youd think in todays technology, these OPERATOR meetings would be live streamed with realtime tallies?

May yhose continously tinkering with atmcd, RFM could spend just a little time and resource to making that happen?

Anonymous said...

Dont kid yourself-MCD counts the votes so that MCD ALWAYS WINS

Anonymous said...

apparently mcdonald's is now using our dollars to distribute voter registration cards???? we should not be in this game!

Anonymous said...

NOA needs to stand up now. The days of holding hands by the campfire while corporate slips its hand into your pocket while you aren't looking need to be over

Demand open votes and love streamed meetings

Anonymous said...

I had GREAT hopes for the NOA and NFLA. However, I feel as long as we do not have Professional Negotiators we the Operators will always be in Last Place behind the Company, Shareholders and Suppliers.

With the NOA’s top Priority of getting an Operator on the BOD, this will truly do nothing to influence our cause. Having a Professional negotiator in place with little to lose and the Power of 1200 operators would be able to affect more change.

I asked each Candidate for the NFLA and NOA Positions, if they were willing to use civil disobedience and each said they were. However to date I have seen none. The Actions could have been Not to open on Thanksgiving or Christmas, Limiting our hours to the Contracted 7am to 11pm. Yes this would have cost each of us some profit and sales. But it would have gotten the attention of a great number of people.

So I really have Not Seen or Felt much CHANGE from having these 2 new groups. NOA time to STAND up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

To the above commentor. As a NOA Liaison , I urge you to read the below. Your NOA is stronger than ever (1300 owners and growing).

I would like to encourage you to renew your NOA annual membership, which is currently underway. I could list numerous reasons why this renewal is important, but please invest a few minutes watching Fred Turner here, , who says it far better than I.

Fred's words are the most powerful embodiment we have of our original vision...our mission...and our desire to restore the collaborative culture we all strive for at this tumultuous time in the Corporations history. You’ll see the synchronization and verbatim comments from Owners in our surveys, that re-ignite the founders vision.

I sincerely appreciate your time to watch this inspiring video. You can renew your membership here ;

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The NOA has been involved in the significant changes in the BBV2020 contract and the renewed focus on Drive Thru’s, Menu Simplification, and Chicken. It is no surprise that the formation of the NOA coincided with the turn around of owner cash flow. In fact, since the formation of the NOA, Owner cash flow is up approximately $100k per restaurant. The NOA also played a pivotal role in the development of the PPP, to name just a few.(Your 55 cents per day dues are working very hard for you)

Although BOD member is a stretch goal, it is NOT the main goal.


Richard Adams said...

"BOD member is a stretch goal" - Yes, a stretch right into irrelevancy.

As we've discussed many times, having an Operator on the board of directors would be a complete waste of time and resources. Such an Operator would have to sign a huge stack of NDAs and contracts.

You'd have a person who is supposedly representing your interests but can't talk to anyone about what's happening. We've all seen activist investors but do we ever see activist directors?

I think the list of conflicts-of-interest would be endless. Directors are there to serve the interests of shareholders.

As pointed out above the NOA has accomplished a ton and has much more to do. Tilting at windmills shouldn't be one of them.