January 30, 2015

The Next McDonald’s Turnaround

There are a lot of smart people working at the Wall Street Journal and Holman Jenkins 
is one of the smartest. He also has a common sense approach to business.

In the mid-1990s McDonald's CEO Mike Quinlain had a string of failures but the board 

of directors left him in the job. Holman Jenkins published a column asking why Qunilain 
was still running McDonald's. I don't recall the exact timing but Jack Greenberg soon 
replaced him.

McDonald's Operator's might enjoy Holman's take on the future of McDonald's. 

Holman Jenkins: The Next McDonald’s Turnaround - WSJ


Richard Adams said...

"If anything, the success of burger-and-fries chains like Five Guys, In-and-Out and Shake Shack has revalidated McDonald’s niche. The burger giant should gain confidence to double-down on what it does best."

Anonymous said...