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January 16, 2015

McDonald’s 2014 Performance May Be Worst In Decades

"McDonald’s unit volumes are among the highest in the limited-service segment, and its unit count is second only to Subway. As a result, its domestic systemwide sales are nearly three times larger than the next largest U.S. chain, Subway, and more than four times larger than the country’s next biggest quick-service burger chain, Burger King."

McDonald’s 2014 performance may be worst the quick-service chain has seen in decades - NRN


Anonymous said...

It is a good article but they limit "performance" to top line sales. The worse "performance" that is most meaningful is the performance in cash flow. Not only are sales down in the stores but MCD has added unreasonable cost increases. This coupled with declining sales not only hurts store operations, operator income it projects an image of top management as a bunch of drunks or something. Which, in my opinion, they are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don Thompson