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January 31, 2015

Opinion Journal: Fast Food Comeback?

Holman Jenkins discusses his hamburger views with WSJ's Mary Kissel

Opinion Journal: Fast Food Comeback?


Anonymous said...

We’re hearing a lot about regional empowerment. What does this mean for Owner/Operators?

McDonald’s model, and our success to date, was built by pioneering, entrepreneurial restaurateurs. Our success moving forward hinges on our ability to return to those values. With increased regional empowerment we have the ability to define our culture, leverage market understandings and – armed with those insights – develop the plans we feel will best drive our business and support overarching system results. The NLC is here to support Owner/Operators from coast-to-coast as you make the most of this opportunity.

This list of questions is by no means inclusive… we know there are new questions being raised on an ongoing basis and we believe having open conversation about those questions is key to our success. That’s why we’re committed to more frequent and open communications with you, our peers, moving forward. NLC representatives will be communicating with each region more often than ever before to ensure we understand your concerns and update you on our progress. If you have additional questions in the interim, please reach out to your NLC representative, RLC chair, or regional leadership. And please plan to attend any/all upcoming regional meetings and the Turnaround Summit (March 3-5) to continue this dialogue face-to-face.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of corporcratic rubbish. Alignment is doing what the company wants, period. The NLC has too many large, politically connected operators who do not represent the average operator. Franchisors are not even required,by law,to deal in good faith and fair dealing with the franchisee(look at what happened in California).The NLC is used only by the company to take the heat off of them for bad decisions that negatively impact operators, period.

Richard Adams said...

But you have admire the political timing. The NLC needs get out front and look like they are large and in-charge for when they support all the corporate programs at the Turnaround Summit.

Anonymous said...

More rubbish
We’ve heard you. We know the last several months have brought more change than usual to our system, and with such change comes questions. Your National Leadership Council (NLC) is working every day to ensure you, our peers, have the answers you need to the questions weighing on your mind. In that spirit, below you’ll find the answers to some of the questions we’re hearing most often these days.

Anonymous said...

Love your sarcasm!