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January 21, 2015

Gasp! Freedom of Speech in McDonaldland

McDonald's Operators: Cut McCafe, Happy Meal Choices - BurgerBusiness


Anonymous said...

With all of our cashflow going to debt servicing and no value to our businesses. McDonald's is enjoying record ROI in Rent and Service fees. We are no more than glorified managers and are continually threatened with losing our franchises if we don't say Yes to every proposal that is forced on us.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct! If I may just add to that.....once the debt is increased to sizable limit because of re-modeling, McD reminds you that your equity level is below acceptability and need to bring it back up to par. Am I missing a standard piece of equipment that I am not aware of? Money printing machine?

Anonymous said...

wasn't our espresso equipment supposed to be a money printing machine?