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January 23, 2015

Today's Earnings Call Transcript

McDonald's CEO Don Thompson on Q4 2014 Results


Anonymous said...

We just saw results of this region. After building new stores, paying out millions in impact fee's region is down -.5% in sales. There are no comments on the regions operating results or if it contributed anything to company earnings. Which is doubtful. Its a joke!!

Richard Adams said...

Your region sounds like McDonald's in the late 1990s. Build too many new stores, same store sales crater due to cannibalization, and everyone runs around asking "What's wrong with McDonald's".

Anonymous said...

Norfolk VA down 6%, some markets in region down as bad as -12%

We are rudderless, and being lead by an Engineer (Thompson) who never worked in a store in his life, A President (Andres) who McDonalds FIRED a few years back, and a Marketing CMO (Wahl) with absolutely NO FOOD Experience.

The worst is yet to come

Anonymous said...

And of course, OAK BROOK blames the Operators for EVERYTHING !