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August 27, 2016

Congress Needs to Reverse NLRB

One year later, Congress still needs to reverse NLRB joint employer standard


Anonymous said...

If the Democrat's hold on to the White House there is no way this will be reversed. The labor unions have the Democrate's in their pocket. The Unions provide too much money and votes to them.

Anonymous said...

Richard Adams said...

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

No sympathy for Obamacare insurer losses: When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas!

Anonymous said...

They (The Demnocratic Congress and the President) promised all of those that supported them that the insurance would be affordable among other things. We got copies of the bill and everything and ran numbers for our people and it was never affordable. They admitted that they lied to get the bill passed because it was so important for the country to pass a healthcare bill.

"We know whats best for you better than you know what is best for you" is the message of this congress. Very dangerous!!