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August 2, 2016

McDonald's Executive "Retiring"

Based on the corporate chatter on-line, the move into Chicago, and recent
retirements it appears that anyone with long term employment with McDonald's
Corp. has a target on thier back.

McDonald's executive retiring, another change for company


Anonymous said...

They're officially called legacy employees. They've had targets on their backs for the last few years. High salaries, tons of vacation and resistant to change (at least in the eyes of current management). All OB directors and above have been offered the opportunity to take a buy out. Now being offered to select regional directors and above.

After the division's went away, most of the division staff got packages or "retired".

The new McDonalds staff will have no idea how a restaurant runs.

I've talked to some "retirees" and they say the McFamily culture is completely gone. I started as crew and worked for the company before becoming an Owner and it's sad to see some good people treated this way. I went into my regional office for a meeting a few weeks ago and it's like a ghost town.

Still waiting to see my service fee reduced.

Richard Adams said...

It seems that when McDonald's has a CEO who lacks an operational background or knowledge that person works to flush out the old timers who know how to run restaurants. Greenberg did it with a vengeance and when QSC started to suffer he told Wall Street it was the fault of the lazy Operators.

Anonymous said...

Concerned about the lack of perspective from our CEO. Moving Hamburger University is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

it is sad to see good people with years of committiment to the system move on by choice or otherwise. However, things have not been good for awhile. The size of the MCD bueaurocacy has gotten out of control and is taking the company down. political correctness has cost the system millions. Many long term people are just coasting. Easterbrook told Wall Street in 2015 he would cut five hundred million dollars of cost out of the company P&L by 2018. If he is able to do that we should all be buying the stock because I believe it will spike. If he is able to do that it will make the last three or four CEO's look like Larry, Mo and Curley. Our regional staff is the worst it has ever been and many have over 30 years in the system. The regional office is a palace. Store operations does not have the prority it once had, long term employees or not. Picking new store sites is no better than throwing darts. Field service people are pretty good but very frustrated. Everyone is more concerned about their next promotion than about the stores or customers. All of these legacy people are the ones who allowed two bit competitors take market share. Agree or not the company for to long has been run for the benefit of the employee's. MCD is a public company thus it has to be more about the shareholders that is just a fact of life. Our products became stale and unappealing. Leadership was slow to act and had no vision. Important relationships were ignored. our franchise Public relations program, the Ronald Houses, slipped into being the classic red headed step child. Everyone talked about how great we once were. I for one, support Easterbrooks vision and actions. To continue for another five years the way we were going our franchises would lose so much value it would be unbelievable. I was told that every employee in this region at the director level and above were offered packages to retire. I hope they all take it. The regional manager has been around 38 years. Nice person, good MCD administrator but offers nothing, speaks in platitudes, motivates no one. Very comfortable in her position or was. No one can understand how she was allowed to hang on so long. In my opinion she is the classic example of what has happened to MCD. For some unknown reason MCD just couldn't handle success. They/we gave it away. I hope we get it back. Easterbrook gives me hope that we can.