Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 5, 2016

Simplification is Dead - Long Live Simplification

It's been obvious from the first draft of the Plan to Win that McDonald's management
was not serious about simplifying the menu and the operation. Changing the term 
"Simplification" to "Optimization" is an attempt to hide the problem and distract the

Meanwhile management will be obsessed with political correctness and will continue 
striving to be all things to all people.


Anonymous said...

As it gets more difficult to staff the restaurants we change procedures and products on almost a daily basis and the crew’s job gets harder and harder. Oak Brook management has no idea what’s going on in the restaurants.

Anonymous said...

NOT one top McD exec has significant OPERATIONS experience. Im tired of our leadership being all marketers and accountants.

Anonymous said...

I have been an operator for nearly forty years. I don't care if anyone in Oak Brook knows anything about store operations or not. It is not the company responsibility to run stores. That is what the operators do. It is the operators esponsibility to keep customers coming back and to keep the stores profitable. Clearly, the company needs to provide us with the tools and training and they do it. Running restaurants is far different than what it once was and I know that some of my managers don't think I know all that I should either. I haven't run a shift in many years. Regardless, of what top management knows or doesn't know there remains good resources in field service.

MCD is not my Mother or my business partner. I paid for my franchises and I expect service from the company but my organization knows how to run stores better than most who are running company stores. They admit it.

Operators don't understand much about how a global company is run and it is not necessary that we do. Don't worry about what executives know. Concentrate on making money for yourself. If you are violating your agreement field service will tell you. Control what you can control and forget the rest.

Check out the regions. They know less than Oak Brook.