April 13, 2017

Corp Argues Against Franchisee Director in 2016 Proxy

Top left corner of the page - click on "Table of Contents". On table of contents - scroll to 
the bottom of the first page and look for page 66 or "Proposal No. 8". Click either one:

Link to McDonald's 2016 Proxy filing

There are "robust lines of communication" between the Board of Directors and franchisees
because the CEO tells the Board what the franchisees are thinking.


Anonymous said...

Of course they dont want a franchisee director. Then they couldnt mandate THIS , as is now the plan: (thanks useless NLC)

1) EVERY store MUST be modernized to current standards. Cost $250k -$800k depending on current level of modernization.(no accounting for low volume) 2) Every store must undergo a floor to ceiling remodel every TEN years. 3) Every drive thru must upgrade to Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. (no Opnad help this time) Cost $65k-$75k. 4)POS MUST be upgraded every FIVE years or $1000 per month fine. ETC ETC ETC. MODERN & PROGRESSIVE

Richard Adams said...

Still wondering how McDonald's Corp. can levy fines on McDonald's Operators, or is it the NLC trying to that? OPNAD? Where does the money go?

Anonymous said...

The fines are undisclosed franchise fees that are not set out in the FDD. That is a violation of federal law, but is NLC going to sue Oakbrook? LOL

Time for an indepedent franchisee association that can take action before it is too late.