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November 8, 2016

The Contemptible Robert Gibbs is Always Wrong

  1. My prediction - 322 Clinton, 216 Trump (and tonight we will know my margin of error)


Anonymous said...

I think we should vote for our favorite pants suit that HILLARY wore

I am really torn between the light blue and the orange

I believe MCDONALDS is slightly better off with TRUMP


where is that gremice photo?

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make now? HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. friend of Anthony Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gibbs will make is 2 year anniversary after all! What a shame! Come on O/O's stand up and be counted!!

Anonymous said...

Such arrogance and elitism. Perfect corporate manager. Modern and progressive.

Anonymous said...

Im sure he fits right in with all the other dishonest people at mcd headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Gibbs has surely shown is ignorance of the state of the US election. He has now been shown up as what he is-ignorant!!