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March 6, 2023

Lawsuits at Top Ten Franchises

Have you ever read though your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)? No? You're not alone.

Franchise Times has done some of the leg work for you. Here's a hint, you're supposed to receive a current FDD when you receive a new or rewritten franchise.

Beth reviews the lawsuit activity for the top ten brands:

From Franchise Times - Beth Ewen


Anonymous said...

my question - how are the brothers &
sisters operator doing in places like

I read all WAL MARTS in SAN FRAN
& all WALGREENS pulled out - MCD
can not be far from that

your thoughts? can you put a post up
about my question? I am not the only
operator thinking the same thing.

Anonymous said...

No way MCD lets you pull out. They DONT CARE if you get ripped off, robbed, or lose money- they get theirs off the top and your problems mean nothing to them.

PARTNERSHIP ??????????????????????? ROFLMAO