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March 7, 2023

Those Are Some Surprised Customers!


Drive-Thru canopy falls on several cars (Tracey CA)

I learned early in my home-building career that slapping heavy Spanish tiles on a roof designed for asphalt or wood shingles can create problems. In a full-size home, the building becomes top-heavy and can be really exciting during an earthquake.


Anonymous said...

LOL. McD Construction Dept at its finest.

They cant build a roof that doesnt leak, why should it be structurally sound?
Build em cheap, and let the dumb operator live with them!

Richard Adams said...

It's surprising that the local building department or the building inspector didn't catch that while it was under design. Tracy, CA is next door to all the fault lines that run through the SF Bay area. The building rules are supposed to be really strict in that area. And yeah, McDonald's should have caught it during architectural design, or the contractor saved some materials and the McDonald's guys didn't catch it.