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April 1, 2023

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Avg Restaurant Unit Sales Chick Fil A 2010: $2.7M 2021: $6.3M McDonalds 2010: $2.4M 2022: $3.4M Chipotle 2010: $1.8M 2022: $2.4M Taco Bell 2010: $1.3M 2022: $1.8M Burger King 2010: $1.4M 2022: $1.2M What on earth did Chick Fil A do right/better from 2010 onwards and what did BK do wrong?


Anonymous said...

Such a simple answer. The c f a business model is predicated in a basic menu and owners who have a couple of locations, know their people, are involved in operations vs. franchisees that own 60 stores in multiple territories and could not recognize a single crew member. It is the old mcdond’s system.

Anonymous said...

CFAs execs care. MCD DOES NOT.

Anonymous said...

this could be difficult

like to know GUEST COUNTS

everyone had dozens of price increases

the CHICK 🐥🐥 is #1 by far

sales for MCD look decent - but GUESTS
say something more


PS - the CHICKSTER is closed on
SUNDAYS - high 7 million / low 8

3 of my 6 stores combined do not
make 8 million 🤬🤬🤬

Anonymous said...

Correction to the comment above: CFA does not have "owners", only operators who basically make a salary, without any equity in the business.They have a 5 year employment contract, and cannot operate more than two stores. Also when comparing avg. store sales, look at the denominator. If CFA had the same number of units as McDonald's, their avg. store sales would substantially decline.

Richard Adams said...

Considering the number of franchise "owners" who leave their businesses with zero equity I never bought the CFA equity argument. A smart CFA operator (and most of them probably are) can make a solid income and build a nest egg outside of the business. At least they know what they have vs. waiting for your franchisor to decide how much your stores are worth when you want to leave the business. I get tired of the implication that all franchisees will have something to sell, someday - they won't.
I don't know about the five years. I only know two CFA guys (to say hello) one on the west coast and one in the midwest. They've both been in the business near or over 20 years and their kids are growing up in the business. Sound familiar?
As for the average volumes, a fully built-out CFA system would change the industry and wouldn't just impact MCD. There would be fewer KFCs and Popeyes, etc. I'd guess, if CFA had as many stores as MCD their AUV would drop off by a million $$$.

Anonymous said...

CFA now at 8.6 Mil per store. Median number. 2022