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April 18, 2023

McCEO Gets a Haircut

Crain's Chicago Business reports Chris K. "was paid almost $17.8 million in cash, stock, and options awards in 2022, down from the $20 million he made the year prior."

McDonald's CEO takes a hit in the wallet - subscription


Richard Adams said...

I'm breaking my rule again because Crains is a membership site, and it's not cheap. However, if you don't have Crain's cookies on your device, it might make you an offer for a free trial or some such thing.

Anonymous said...

he made more than my 4 stores grossed

Anonymous said...

Wow! Interesting to see what he claims to have delivered? The McD's well known Axis of Evil survives yet another outright scam of authenticity? Who will take a stand?

Who did Chris and the Board shake down to pay Easterbrook what he countersued for, buying his silence and dropping the litigation they feard after Easterbrook and his lawyers promised to bring them all down? Enrique, are you out there?

Who tracked the minority, black, hispanic and other groups McD's was so benevolent to after CK sent his authentic self texts to Chicago's Mayor, then in a masterful (McKinsely led?) secret crisis management plan showed how BIG MONEY placates hostility and buys a lot of extra WOKENESS! Wake up investigators!

Then all know the company had to buy Easterbrook's silence after all their sloppy efforts to have a court strategy to blame him failed so miserably, i.e., to fabricate tech fees, and sell the Easterbrook acquisitions of overinflated AI companies that were bombing so much so the company had to reimburse Owners millions as they couldn't live up to measly promises made to the marketing OPNAD group, as the AI benefits to owners were abysmal.

The entire industry, from internal employees, Owners, to external stakeholders, suppliers (talk about intimidation and shake downs, wow!) and investors, that all know just how courrupt and the level of extreme callous direct intimidation that they exert daily, as the grapevine remains rampant with examples that all realize there are more skeletons from the C-Suite of McD's to key BOD leadership than you'll see this October at a Spirit pop-up store during Halloween...yet those same groups take a dive when it comes time to validate what they know to be true...Who will have the courage to stop this formerly great brand from ending up in the same ditch as Howard Johnson's, Enron, and many like them? You have six months until the house of cards probably self destructs. Play offense and save the formerly great brand!

Someone, anyone? Please stand and save the Golden Arches from their management kamakize trajectory???

Those hanging on to believe (or more likely sell their souls) that the HQ is legit and out to help them, either came from the handpicked company shils, or also believe are US Government is capable of balancing a budget. The last real leader, please close the door on your way out.

Anonymous said...

The "hit" he took is less percentage wise than how much my cash flow is down.

Poor baby only made $17,800,000.00

Anonymous said...

No one to blame other than BOD's.

In my personal opinion way over paid for his skill set.