Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 4, 2023

Maze on Tuesday

Today's article looks like yesterday's but Jonathan writes about the possible turmoil within the system.


“McDonald’s committed at the start of this process to lead with our values and any suggestion to the contrary is baseless,” the company said. "

There they go again, talking about "values". McDonald's corporate people have got to stop using that word.

"(McDonald's) is risking morale problems throughout the system in the process" 


Anonymous said...

Very true. And Columbus “FAC” should be ashamed of themselves. No doubt they haven’t experienced the wrath of McDonald’s corporate. Ie. They haven’t been impacted, ROFR’d, had a next generation candidate, or pulled a rewrite from them… ignorance at its finest. But don’t worry. It will happen. And letters written will serve as a reminder as to how stupid they really were.

And for those who know what I’m talking about. Look at NOA membership. And ask yourself. “ what am I missing”.

And also ask yourself, “ am I a part of the problem” bc you assuredly are.

Anonymous said...

Values? VALUES???
Like not negotiating changes in Franchise agreements?
Like unilaterally shifting costs like Archways to owners P&Ls?
Like the draconian inspection provisions, by ill equipped outside inspectors in PACE?
Like firing employees remotely?
Like charging rent and service fees on 3PO delivery fees?
Like charging a bogus Tech Fee that was PROVEN illegitimate?
Like getting massive kickbacks by insisting on sole sourcing?
Like calling owners with multi millions invested "just like Uber Drivers"?
Like publicly insulting a poor minority mother for her lack of parenting skills?

values? Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Ban the conference in Las Vegas. 100 percent of the operators should do so.

Anonymous said...

Agree turn our backs to the meeting in Las Vegas!!!! Do not attend. We need to save the money as they continue to spend it before we can make it. BAD Corporate Leadership.