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April 10, 2023

What Does This Tell the World About the McCEO's "Values"?

"Stephen King should conjure such suspense. And executioners should be as heartless."

Restaurants show their best and worst as employers - RB membership


Anonymous said...

To believe that Chris K has any values other than, get rich quick would be insane. He has stated that at his Chicago invited dinners a few years ago. Interesting that any staff that was at those dinners are no longer employed in the company. The leaders that brought growth and the foundation for this company have been tossed aside for a bunch of McKinsey cut and go strategy people. At one of these dinners Chris K stated the Owner/Operator stated growing through the system is a sad story. People only want to get rich quick. Chris K. was quick to announce Joe E. promotion on 11-3-2019, and they started their quick stripping of the staff. This will allow them to get rich quick.

Anonymous said...

Chris also compared owners to "uber drivers" and said we were "easily replaced"

Anonymous said...

Chris K is a joke, and destroying this company, he needs to go and re-read what he attached his name to; embarrassing as he has no values.

Richard Adams said...

The link in the previous comment is proprietary and is accessible to McDonald's persons only.

Anonymous said...

Suspicious as to why we will be selling Big Mac sauce cups in store. My guess is that it is to test the waters on selling in grocery stores just like McCafé coffee to add yet another source of revenue for the company where the franchisees will receive absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Bottom Line It Please: Chris K. was brought in as the Hatchet Man for Easterbrook's long-held disdain for the U.S. business, as he never ran a real market. The System was created b4 either were born. In the UK, SE had the easy job of hiring glorified managers rather than the Founders preferred entrepreneurs, local biz leaders as his franchisees who, over there, inherited a US perfected system, to run his UK restaurants. Still, no one knows why SE mysteriously disappeared as head of UK for a few years (same issues?) and returned and, yet again, w/out investigation, was allowed to be appointed to a bench-depleted McD's, as Global CEO. The "Biden" affected McKenna at 90+ years, staying long past his years of acumen, ignoring severe signs, recruited the anti-partners model the arrogant European hard core Easterbroke openly ridiculed in the US. Within weeks of his UK arrival, McKenna's desperate succession efforts ignited the ultimate demise of "The Founders System & Culture."

Unknown said...

To continue the facts above, we must note that Easterbroke, recruited by Andy, who had way out lasted his prime, allowed the new Mgmt team free reign at his anti-US, anti-Kroc/Turner Culture demolition. The dye was cast when he (SE) purposefully recruited an Ivy League/Towered, perhaps on the spectrum, but extraordinarily and diabolically "committed hatchetman," Chris K, without restaurant industry experience and admittedly married to the McKinsey family via his best college friend, best man, and McKinsey star. Easterbroke, with the needed CK financial expertise executed magnificently a plan to fool the fans from afar while alarming the "internal players" beginning in 2019, as they executed an externally deceiving restructuring to do for McD's what McKinsey has done throughout industry after industry. (For a rude factual tour, see "When McKinsey Comes to Town," written by NY Times Reporters who expose the world's largest, shameless consulting "cult" as a business pariah under the guise of cliches are as clever as Congress speak) The book shares the uniform strategies, now applied to McD's as they are known for ruining corporate cultures, in surgical precision as they convince clients to execute more ruthlessly than Equity Corporate Raiders would, placing the financial burden on EVERY ENTITY they touch back on the franchisees (see insurance agents scam in book) and others in the System, i.e. suppliers and others. (It is a shame to every WS analyst, investment group and media outlet for their loss of research or watchdog status. Mckinsey runs the external messaging from Wall Street to unsuspecting, lesser knowledgeable media. The artificial engineered stock price of McD's, five years of suckering the experts now, by cutting corporate support offered for decades to help the 3-legged stool success, is considered cost savings to Corp, the so-called external experts believe like lemmings, rather than to assess what the support was for, and why the System never jumped off the cliffs to the sea. It is closer to other as thousands of "original System builders have left, reading the arrogant refusal of management, realizing the narpaletic board is equally culpable and part of the cover-up. For nearly a half decade McD's led by the Europeanizatin Management philosophy, Chris K, is immersed in, waiting nervously, daily for the next shoe(s) to drop from the SEC remaining, known investigations or the banks finally studying debt and what has really transpired on the watch he never reformed, but disguised and propelled.

The story will be told when the government, investment community, or media actually do what few have the resources to commit to anymore, investigate for transparency.

The NOA finally has a leader and is taking a stand, internally and externally with legislative and legal counsel support of significant standing, much like KFC did as they forced Pepsico to sell them and create Yum Brands when they felt instead of franchisees who, in reality, helped Ray & Fred build McD's USA, now feel more like indentured servants.

The few, brave and those of us who have pride in our brand, despite have demonstrated multiple times, overwhelmingly to the deaf responses of our McD's BOD, and external former watchdogs, that we have no confidence in our leaders, who have become merely a holding company internationally and run less than 5% of US restaurants.

Time to remove them so we may continue our the conglomeration of small restauranteurs who coelesce, for now, under one name, one brand. I hope enough stay to rebuild a loss culture once the "pretenders" in power, wake-up?

Anonymous said...

Who heard the FTC, despite previous interventions, fines, etc...hasn't closed the file, and the entire "Tech Strategy" is under review, including false valuations of tech company purchases? Sales of the same companies after failures at McD's?

Who believes Easterbrook really apologized, withdrew his suit, and gave the money back rather than his original threat to the company (remember the words, "and bring all down?" in his first reply) into "finding" another way to get his package to him, as he would expose the complicit management players still in place and critical BOD members?

Whoever met Easterbrook believes he would come to his senses, let alone apologize and return his money?

Did the failure of the mysterious "Tech Fee" at 70+ million, along with the failure of AI companies valued more than $300M, change the company's and BOD's decision to forgo a lawsuit, DISCOVERY, and expose all players? How many have disappeared since, did anyone see the Henry buried retirement announcement? How many CIOs can one company hire in so few years?

Thank God for NDA's, and large pocket books left unreviewed!

Anonymous said...

McDonalds and its CEO and both CORRUPT.