Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 11, 2023

$16.89 Value Meals?

Most expensive value meals in the country?


Anonymous said...

That’s what my CA prices will be if AB 257 passes ushering in 22-25 per hour

Anonymous said...

I gotta raise my prices!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe & Chris don't care if you raise your prices they benefit the most straight off the top line. In a few years, they'll be gone and we'll all be talking about how TCs are at an all-time low and we need to do value and let the cycle begin again.

The current leadership does nothing to increase the brand perception value that a Big Mac is worth X.

It is amazing when I talk with O/O's none of them remember when service fees were 3% and even before that (before my time) I heard they were lower 2.5%.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to call service fees "royalties" now like they do in Europe.
This will uncouple the perception that you get "service" for your service fee.
Just more rent.

Richard Adams said...

They can change the current terminology but that doesn't change the language in the 12,000-plus franchise agreements already out there.