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April 12, 2023

Raising Prices Can be Addictive

Menu price inflation catches up with supermarkets -

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Anonymous said...

The addiction we face is the reason for our price increases. First is Government liberal focus to increase wages well above the international rate. This will lead to additional loss of jobs, inflation out of control and higher taxes. Second is McDonald's Board of Directors and SLT, addiction on short term gains on stock prices and stripping the G&A of the Corporations books, while transferring the costs to the Owner/Operators. This has been going on even before woke Chris K. and Boy Wonder Joe E. took over the US business. Purchasing Department becoming HAVI, Happy Meal Rebates disappearing, Rent and Service Fees collected on both Credit Card Transactions, 3PO Delivery Fees, and initially not disclosing the fees paid on 3PO refunds. BBV2020 breaching the Franchise Agreement and Operator Lease stealing Owner/Operators data and operating reports. Moving the historical costs of architecture and engineering into a shared cost. They continue this process with the current BS SAO and remodeling costs. Stating zero effect on future rents due to BBV2020 and then increase rents when they ROFER deals with even more ROFER transactions in last 18 months then in the entire decade before. Tech Fees that were proven incorrect and still getting some funding from the Owner/Operators. Archways forced transfer of funding. I can only help audits will demonstrate their bogus book keeping and racketeering with Tech Fees and sole sourcing. The list goes on and on.

It is time to break their addiction on taking our profits. The OPNAD Votes that keep giving away food on GMA need to stop. Giving empowerment to a small easily controlled group of Owner/Operators the ability to effect our PnL's needs to stop. Refuse to Docu-Sign anything as they put hidden agreements within the documents. Refuse the insane rules and regulations they set, while we provide them 5 year interest free financing for their contributions on upgrading their buildings. If you owe the Company money they charge a lot more than zero interest.

Say no to sending a single employee to Las Vegas. If Joe E. is to pompous and self-serving to meet with our leadership then stop going to meet with him in the field and never attend his meetings.