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April 26, 2023

Internet Chimes in One New McRecipes

Comments on-line are rarely constructive but this website found some of interest

McDonald's - The internet is freaking out 

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Anonymous said...

The onion on patties is not going to go over well, probably a year from now we'll go back to the old way under the guise of "menu simplification" instead of just saying "we made a mistake". An yes I have been around long enough and cooked hundreds of thousands of patties myself with onions on them. But I guess allergies and sensitivities have changed over the years and the anti-onion crowd will win out this one.

Also putting more Big Mac sauce on the Big Mac is a huge mistake, anyone who wants additional Mac sauce can always order extra sauce, this is a handheld sandwich primarily eaten on the go and in the vehicle, not in an office like our leadership folks who have no clue who our customers are, just makes the sandwich messy and increases our food cost.

I can get behind the other changes tempering cheese, and improved buns, we have changed the bun formula so much over the years this one is for the better and we needed a bun that held up better on the newer toasters we use now days. But just make the changes and we do not need to promote it.