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June 28, 2011

What Does McDonald's Do With All Its Free Cash?

While McDonald's franchisees take on billion$ in debt
to remodel and rebuild their landlord's buildings the
Motley Fool asks:

What Does McDonald's Do With Its Free Cash? (MCD)



Anonymous said...

The technology upgrade underway now is a huge amount of dollars going to some of the privately held companies you touch on in your blog. There is also considerable strong-arming by the company going on to increase the franchisee's purchases of the new technology.

Anonymous said...

Everything in McDonaldland is predicated on constantly increasing sales. If sales go flat a lot of o/os are going to crash. Even some of the big guys.

Richard Adams said...

A wise accountant (who did accounting for a lot of Operators for a lot of years) once told me they'd seen Operators fail for two basic reasons:

1) Assuming every new store they opened would be at national average from day one.

2) Assuming today's sales increases will go forever.