February 8, 2017

Panera's Technology

Panera surges to record as Wall Street eyes payoff from technology

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Anonymous said...

Panera does everything McDonald's should emulate, technology, design and quality messaging.

Chick Filet has the same.. I have yet to walk I to a Chick Filet and see a $1 menu.

You can sell quality at a decent price. You have to be ready to absorb a QUALITY impact, when your sole focus is on PRICE. With expanded menus, the system can't even be FAST.

A key element to McDonald's success as a brand, and we give the niches to our competitors in the FAST CASUAL.

We keep chasing enemies we should have easily vanquished decades ago, and ignore the growing segment we pretend to play in... All the while looking backwards. Scared.

Led by regional leadership whom are Managers, not leaders. While people with true knowledge of running the business are forced out. Replaced by Yeah sayers who want to line their pockets, not caring for what's left over then they are done.

Ray and Fred are rolling in their Graves.