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February 27, 2017

Don't Take Green People Seriously

The last paragraph in this article is priceless. Not only does this hippie-chick want 
McDonald's to use "sustainable" beef, she wants to dictate portion size!

These people have one objective - put McDonald's and any company like McDonald's

out of business. And there are several departments in Oak Brook helping them do so.

McDonald's: Sustainable Beef Options Are on the Horizon -



Richard Adams said...

There's a reason Rush L. calls these people "Long-haired, maggot-infested, phony-baloney, plastic-banana, good time rock and rollers".

Anonymous said...

Simply more political correctness and public relations to satisfy the flavor of the month. If MCD wants to continue to be a good corporate citizen breath some life back into the "Ronald McDonald Houses" and stop screwing around with these people.

Anonymous said...

MCD continues to waste marketing money on non-customers who will never become customers and walking away from our core guests that actually LIKE our food. And they don't drink espresso or care how franchisees spend 90 cents on fancy organic coffee beans to sell coffe for $1. It's $1. Didn't the dollar menu theach us that the dollar customer cares only about cost, not value or taste?

Richard Adams said...

"MCD continues to waste marketing money on non-customers"

Shouldn't that be "MCD continues to waste Operator OPNAD money on non-customers"


Anonymous said...

The Associated Press, Forbes, the New York Daily News and others report that, according to a study by Canadian consumer affairs show Marketplace, about half of Subway's chicken breast is soy. The company has denied the report, calling it "absolutely false and misleading."

Anonymous said...

This is the (sustainable)harvest they are reaping from bringing in Robert Gibbs to pen the gibberish that we are seeing. Unfortunately the unknowing "suits" in Oakbrook think the same convoluted thoughts this bimbo is articulating. A recipe for disaster funded by the O/O's.