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February 2, 2017

Warren Buffett's McDonald's Breakfast

How the stock market decides Warren Buffett's McDonald's breakfast


Anonymous said...

To bad he is 84 and won't be around much longer we'll lose another customer and we are not replacing them with millenniums. McDonald's great massive advertising department cannot attract any new customers the only strategy they know how to get people in the door is to discount, discount & discount. I can accept that, reduce my service fees and dump most of the department since that is the only strategy they have.

Anonymous said...

Does the demise of the Democratic party and the actions of federal employee's remind anyone of McDonald's? I see a lot of common traits in leadership, lack of solutions, arrogance, not accepting reality, blaming others, relying on technology, ect. Does deplorables equal operators? I know its a bit of a stretch but I see a lot of of common attitudes.