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First a few FAQs:

Q - How can an Operator be sure that communications with an analyst are confidential? 
      What if my name gets out?

A - Analysts are always seeking "channel checks"- people in an industry with whom they
can check in with occasionally. Having developed these private relationships the analyst       would never divulge the identity of one of their channel checks, because:  

* They know that would end the relationship.

* Other analysts would reach out to the same person.

Even after my thousands of communications with Wall Street types over the years my 
name or company has never been mentioned in an analyst's report or mentioned publicly
by an analyst. I've been quoted by name in news articles but reporters are not analysts. Reporters need to source their stories. Analysts work in a very competitive, very private, 
very confidential world.

This is why we rarely see Wall Street analysts using social media for business purposes.
They don't want anyone to know who they know.

The same goes for mentioning a channel check's name in conversations with other people, 
even within their own firm.

Q - What about communicating anonymously?

A - That can work, though it reduces your credibility. But, it could be done by setting up
a free E-mail account with a screen name that won't lead back to your identity. McDonald's corporate employees use this method on Twitter and to comment on investment web sites.

Q - What if a research firm wants to hire an Operator for hourly consultations? 

A - I'm familiar with such work but it's not a good fit for existing Operators because it's 
not anonymous or confidential. No matter what the arrangement - your name will get out. 
If anyone wants more information on this topic, just ask.

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Anonymous said...

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Spending one's way to success through increasing debt will NOT work. The new US presidents projects are flawed, untested and fiction of his own imaginary world. MCD's long term opportunity to turn lost transactions will not happen without field support. Support is minimal outside of a small number of NLC PUPPETS posing as franchisee leadership representatives. For now we are doomed to continue a downward transaction spiral.