Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 4, 2020

Jonathan Maze Reports

McDonald’s franchisees ‘blindsided’ by new charges for 2021


Anonymous said...

Said to prepare for war earlier, are you getting 'WOKE' yet?

Anonymous said...

Remember when corporate was bragging about operators having the best free cash flow ever?
We should have known then that it was a prelude to this gouging us with fees and elimination of subsidies. This on TOP of our extremely expensive remodels of THEIR real estate.

Anonymous said...

A $0.20 Happy Meal Price increase my ass - set Happy Meal at $6.00.

Remember, even that $0.20 increase has a Rent and Service Fee attachment. Placing the entire brand image on operator backs - then operators need to dictate these requirements. Including the cost of AWS WIFI piggybacking off Operator owned and operated equipment; adding "modest cost" recuperation on WIFI access for high usage areas, etc.