Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 4, 2020

Our Future "Investments"?

McDonald's Owner/Operators should expect more announcements like those in the December 3 letter from U.S. "Leadership". McDonald's management has to convince investors that this is a growth company. Sales, corporate income, share price, dividends must constantly increase, year over year. Since they can't expand the number of stores the growth in corporate income has to come from somewhere. From here forward it's your turn.

That's why the CEO is eager to see the federal minimum wage go to $15.00.



Anonymous said...

We need to have a united country wide owner response to thos madness

Anonymous said...

Owner Operators believe that cooperation and faith in their fellow man will protect them. McDonald’s management never saw a dollar coming out of a restaurant they didn’t want to control and ultimately take. Their word and commitment to “partnership” means nothing. It’s a shame and disgraceful. Ray and Fred are turning over in their graves right now...😞

Anonymous said...

NOA Call today.....
We want to hear what you all think? The corporation is much smarter then the owners. They have all of us scared to challenge their tactics. Listening to individuals say lets wait and listen to their reasoning? Let's not do anything to change our momentum and take our time to digest the situation? Is a bunch of bull !
Letter signed buy all owners needs to go to the Board of Directors stating that we have no confidence in the Senior Leadership Team of McDonald's.
NOA needs to demand an audit of all finances and changes to structure of the corporation that has led to changes in owner fees and costs. This goes back to advertising, supply chain (HAVI), development (constant back billing of projects without proof) and technology (that does not function). Owners should not be forced to give more funds to McDonald's as a split of profit. Demand a stop to the announced changes and if not accepted. Change the entire plan for 2021 and get rid of all the bull projects and discounts that the corporation pressured acceptance of. Ironic how the sneak attack of 2020 falls on Pearl Harbour Day. Hopefully owners decide to awaken and fight the attack of the corporation.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget spending our marketing dollars and our personal money on McCafe to drive customers to grocery stores to pay corporate for McCafe instead of coming to restaurants to but coffee. I guess that the fees and rent percentage of sales in restaurants aren't enough money for corporate because they keep all of the revenue from McCafe sold everywhere else!