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December 17, 2020

Investors Call for MCD Board Resignations

McDonald's investors call for board resignations over ex-CEO Easterbrook handling


Anonymous said...

Might be a good topic for the next survey?

Anonymous said...

These investors should be talking to McD owners.

Richard Adams said...

As I've been saying for years.

Anonymous said...

The BOD has a incestuous relationship with top management. The whole board should be replaced and non mcd suppliers should be installed. And MCD top management, including the tone deaf anti operator CEO should be FIRED.

Anonymous said...

The BOD is proving themselves to be uninterested in the best interests of the MCD Corporation. At no time in its history has MCD had so much turmoil, bad publicity, financial mismanagement, arrogance from Top Management towards its most important supporters that include its customers, shareholders, operators and suppliers, contractors and vendors. The MCD regions are crying out for better leadership, MCD changes its long established policies without telling anyone. These are factual issues that can easily be seen. These issues are the direct result of bad management, nothing else. It is unclear if the BOD have had any interaction with management about these matters. The BOD should understand that many of these issues and more cannot be resolved by the current CEO and others in top management and possibly with this BOD. They have waited too long and they don't care and don't know how. With the current BOD and top management core values mean nothing and money is everything. It is being suggested that the operators set up their own escrow accounts and pay their rent and service fee's into those escrow accounts until the operators are given better current communication with the leadership of the NOA. Three to six months of not receiving rent and service fee's will definitely get the attention of the BOD and MCD management and make Operator Attorney's wealthy as a Corp executive.

Richard Adams said...

I always hesitate to put up comments that contain bad advice but there are some good thoughts in the above comment. However, it closes with some bad advice.

Escrow account or no escrow account, before taking such action as not paying fees to McDonald's Corp. I'd suggest the following steps:

1) Read the section of your contracts titled "Material Breach".
2) Obtain top-notch legal counsel.
3) Update your business wardrobe, you've got some court dates coming up.
4) Get your personal belongings, records, and assets out of the store(s) and prepare for a quick eviction.

There are many avenues to address the conflicts in the McDonald's system, some are addressed in the NOA's recent E-mail.

But giving your landlord an easy way to kick you out of their property should not be one of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. However, talking to them has been meaningless. Their only focus is money. Which is the same as the operators. If you want their focused attention get with money. Landlord/Tennent laws vary from state to state where I live they are written with a clear bias in favor of the Tennent. For many years the company have forced expenditures on the operators where factually they had no grounds in the license agreement or anywhere else to do it. However, knowing that no one operator could or would sue them because of their overwhelming ability to drive operator legal fee's so high the only recourse was to let them have their way. Regardless, of the facts. In these conflicts with the company we are not dealing with business people we are dealing with bureaucrats with no skin in the game. Regardless, of the outcome they have nothing to lose. They know it and "Good Faith" is just a platitude to use with no basis in fact. I certainly don't want to go into court with them but they don't always win, either. One fact is that the more we complain about the CEO the more they will support him even when they know we are right. It is their opportunity to say we are not going to listen to you in "good Faith" regardless of the facts. This conflict will not be resolved using these methods. Unless, the BOD gets involved with real intention to get it behind us and there will be no winners. The recent action to tell the operators to pay their bill, I think, has been in the planning for awhile, their timing, wording, the way in which it was handled was well planned and not a sincere effort to resolve a problem with operator help. Any mature, thinking adult see's through it. This is likely a skirmish to deflect attention away from something bigger that is coming. They have to win this one. Like it is pointed out, the license agreement is clearly on their side but unreasonable and arrogant. As the company credibility continues to decline so does ours. To date the NOA leadership has done everything right. The operators have demonstrated our desire to keep the system strong but the ego's of top management don't want us to get any credit for anything positive. I'm content to follow and fully support the leadership of the NOA. Because, they know what they are doing and there was factual reasons for the NOA to be formed. At some point one side will have to walk away from the table. What is the position of the vendor (s) to whom all this money is owed. Are they charging interest, are they making collection efforts, do they have contracts with MCD Corp? What is the full story. This issue would not have occurred with competent management. Issues like this will continue to occur with this management team. It all about $$$ and company ego's, .

Anonymous said...

The answer is the shareholder, the choke is the stock price.

Corporates new motto, live by the stock price. Is also its Achilles heel, die by the stock. No one is suggesting to burn the brand..

But it only takes suttle calculated moves to impact this strategy... a simple closed day to sanitize for COVID-19 here, and closed holiday there, a removal of 24 hours there.

All impact quarterly corporate results.

You squabble over rent, yet pay 100% rent on a facility the landlord allows you use 50% occupancy.. mandating lobby closures even when states dont require it.

Regions dont seek new leadership. The entire culture in the franchisor realm needs a enema. Cleansed and rebuilt to support a true 3 legged stool supporting the restaurants and brand.

Operators been too quiet for too long. But if they cowarded when corporate leadership burnt RONALD, not sure operators have the cohonas todays to do anything but whine.